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Desktop Microphone (without Voting Function)

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  • D6224 Desktop Delegate Speech Unit


    Desktop Microphone (without Voting Function)
    • The conference has a 2m 8 core high-density DIN cable with an aviation plug.
    • Electret, heart-shaped, directive, condenser type microphone, with double-color ring type indicating lights (red/green).
    • The standard knob-type gooseneck microphone rod is available in 315mm and 415mm, and black and silver.
    • The microphone rod is removable, so it is easy to maintain and store.
    • Magnet HiFi speaker, which is muted when the microphone is one, and it is not easy to produce howl.
    • 3.5mm stereo headphone jack for connection of headphones and the headphone volume is adjustable.
    • Each conference unit has a unique ID code.
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