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True Diversity Wireless Microphone

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  • D5821 Wireless Microphone


    True Diversity Wireless Microphone

    This product is a professional wireless microphone system. D5815 is the wireless microphone receiver, which can be combined with several kinds of transmitters to form a wireless microphone system. The combination set includes D5821 (UHF Wireless Microphone System+2 Handheld Wireless Microphones), D5822 (UHF Wireless Microphone System+2 Clip Wireless Microphones+2 Waistband Transmitters), D5823 (UHF Wireless Microphone System+2 Headset Wireless Microphones+2 Waistband Transmitters), and D5824 (UHF Wireless Microphone System+2 Desktop Wireless Microphones).

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