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  • Centralized forwarding and local forwarding
  • Experience in Telecom
  • Central Management
  • Solid Product Design
  • Various Application Scenarios
  • Security


The WS200/500/1000G2 series is a wireless LAN controller which provides centralized control, centralized management and centralized configuration for access points in the large scale carrier-grade wireless network and also provides secure access for user endpoints.

As a carrier-grade edge gateway, it is deployed at the convergence layer between the access network and the core network to keep the core network from being illegally accessed. Supports various communications protocols and call flows which correspond to authentication such as, AAA, 802.1x, Captive Portal…etc.

Migrates the management functions that originally reside in each access point to the controller while the access point only retains its fundamental wireless access and security capabilities. Hence, the controller focuses on the configuration, user authentication, traffic forwarding, radio resource management, access control, QoS, and load balancing functions, while the access points focus on the underlying functions defined in the IEEE 802.11 specifications. For a complicated Wi-Fi system, this architecture is an ideal model that is controllable and manageable.

The WS200/500/1000G2 series is capable of controlling and managing over 2000 access points and over 60K user endpoints, while the user service data traffic could be either centralized forwarding or locally breakout to internet. It is no doubt that WS200/500/1000G2 series is a key network element in Wi-Fi system to achieve centralized management and system security.


thumbs up_icon Experience in Telecom

Abundant experience in telecom collaborations for integrating Wi-Fi into telecom service systems.

Centralized Management Centralized Management

Centralized management platform to optimize performance and efficiency.

hardware design Solid Product Design

Advanced hardware design embedded wth flexible and reliable software.

various environments Various Application Scenarios

A wide range of carrier-grade wireless access points for deployments in various environments.

Security_enhance security of the network Security

Call flows and various access security schemes will enhance security of the network.


 Series Products:

WS200G2 WS500G2 WS1000G2
CPU Model Intel Intel Intel
Quantity 1 2 2
Memory DDR4 16GB DDR4 32GB DDR4 64GB
Management Ports 1GbE RJ45 8 8 8
10GbE SFP+ 4 8 4
40GbE QSFP 2
Storage SSD 64GB SSD 64GB SSD 128GB
Chassis 1U 1U 2U
L2 Switch Capability Yes Yes Yes
Power Supply 220AC/650W






AP Capacity 2048 4096 8192





Chassis WS200G2: 1U
WS500G2: 1U
WS1000G2: 2U
CPU WS200G2: Intel
WS500G2: Intel
WS1000G2: Intel
Memory WS200G2: DDR4 16GB
WS500G2: DDR4 32GB
WS1000G2: DDR4 64GB
Storage WS200G2: SSD 64GB
WS500G2: SSD 64GB
WS1000G2: SSD 128GB
Power Supply WS200G2: 220VAC Dual Redundancy
WS500G2: 220VAC Dual Redundancy
WS1000G2: Dual 800W AC PSU Redundancy
Dimension WS200G2: 630 (L) x 438 (W) x 44 (H) mm
WS500G2: 630 (L) x 438 (W) x 44 (H) mm
WS1000G2: 630 (L) x 438 (W) x 88 (H) mm



10/100/1000Base-TX WS200G2: 8 RJ45
WS500G2: 8 RJ45
WS1000G2: 8 RJ45
10G Base-SX WS200G2: 4 SFP+
WS500G2: 8 SFP+
WS1000G2: 4 SFP+
40G Base-SR WS200G2: N/A
WS500G2: N/A
WS1000G2: 2 QSFP
L2 Switch Capability Supported
Connection Architecture OpenFlow 1.3
Support Control/Data Plane Separation



Capacity WS200G2:
Thin AP: 2048
User Endpoints: 64K
UE Data Traffic: 20GbpsWS500G2:
Thin AP: 4096
User Endpoints: 127K
UE Data Traffic: 40Gbps

Thin AP: 8192
User Endpoints: 127K
UE Data Traffic: 60Gbps

AP Access & Configuration DHCP Option43 for Discover WLC
Auto Downloading Configuration Templates
UE Authentication & Accounting 802.1x EAP
Portal Radius
WPA/WPA2 Radius
Performance Load Balance for UE Accessing & Traffic
Traffic Centralized Forwarding by DPDK
UE Uplink/Downlink Bandwidth Control
VLAN/SSID Bandwidth Control
Security Packets Limitation
Counter DoS Attack
Rogue AP Detection
Firewall & WIPS
RF Management Interference Spectrum Analysis
RF Optimization
Auto TX Power Control
Auto Channel Selection
Mesh and WDS Supported
Reliability WEB UI
N+1 Backup
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