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MY-MS4P/232 Nurse Call system MEEYI (Master Station)

Nurse station main receiver with software of the wired nurse calling system.


Products Details


Name Analog Wired Nurse Call System Hospital Master Station
Model MY-MS4P/232
Type Master station
Color White
Working Voltage AC 220V 50Hz
Working Current 400mA
Static Current 100mA
Enviroment  -10℃~60℃
Dimension 430*260*55mm
Wire 4 wire
MOQ 1 set
Application It is widely used in hospitals, nuring homes, etc.
Features 1. act as management center that can be linked to PC with software suitable for hospital, home care, where internal communication is needed and is easy to be operated;
2. Adopting 4-digital technology can support 999-extensions. with software to manage patients info;
3. Can save 10 caller numbers, and can inquire and call back;
4. Full duplex talk with substation, suviliencing substation, and calling troop & group, etc.
5. With output connector for alarm, it can be connected to alarm lights, with connecting jack for recording;
6. Can be connected to computer through the link 232 port to help memory and  manage the calling information;
7. Can be connected to FC-16SG expanded function board, working and being linked with monitor system or other alarm devices.
Functions 1. Uninterrupted call: the mainframe is able to display calls from multiple extensions, and memorizes them. Extensions can perform incoming calls in all status, such as being standby, talking and roadcasting;
2. Hands-held call intercom with a hands-held caller, the extension can realize call, call release. intercom and LED display;
3. Double duplex intercom is available between the mainframes. LED channel of mainframe can choose indicator light flash, and music is on promptky;
4. Group call function. The mainfram can realize calls to intercom with partial extensions at the same time;
5. Volume setting up;
6. Corridor display;
7. Many kinds of extensions for optional according to your need.


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Analog Wired Nurse Call System hospital nurse call system
Analog Wired Nurse Call System hospital nurse call system



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