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SW100 Veze Automatic Swing Door System

Model: SW100
Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China (Mainland)
Product Material: Aluminum Alloy
Special Function: Security
Position: Interior
Open Style: Swing
Brand Name: VEZE

Product Description

VEZE SW100 automatic swing door operator is 90 degree automatic swing door operator with bearing load max.100kgs. With deluxe and functional design, encoding technology, and multiple connection terminals for different access controll devices, it is much more superior in smooth and stable operation than the traditional models.

VEZE SW100 automatic swing door operator functional characteristics:

Double-door synchronous function: With double-door Synchronizer, double doors(master door and slave door) could open and close synchronously. When double opening, open first and close second is the master door, close first and open second is slave door, master door turn K2 down, and slave door turn K2 up.  When double-door synchronous function is chosen, sensors and acess control system are connected to master door controller.

Push and go function: No need to push with force, turn K3 up to choose this function.

Safety anti-clip function: The door will go backward when people or moving obstacles approach while closing, which prevents the clamp injury or damage of the door itself

Low power consumption: Advanced brushless motor and gear reducer are integrated in the opener. With power consumption 50W, high efficiency, great torque and low noise, it is quite energy saving and has long lifespan.

Emergency backup battery(UPS):  Backup battery can be connected with power management terminal, which will support the door open and close 400 cycles when power failure or the fire broke out

One-key recovery function: The door expert set all parameters for you at any moment with one key recovery.

It is designed to meet various market demands for dependability, low noise, and application flexibility, and
suitable for washing room, security door, office door, hospital door, apartment door, etc.

Multiple access control devices(optional):
A. Sensors: Microwave sensor,Infrared sensor, foot sensor, hand sensor, safety beam sensor
B. Password: Password or finger print identification access
C. Card: IC card, RFIC card
D.Button switch: Elbow touch, foot touch and long-distance induction buttons
E: Lock: Manual bolt lock, Magnetic lock, Electronic bolt lock

Features of automatic swing door operator (SW100)

1.Microcomputer technology, push and open function
2. Modular design, maintenance-free construction, easy installation and replacement
3. With intelligence self-protection of overheat and overload, automatically reverse upon obstruction during the process of opening and closing, safe and reliable
4. Electromagnetic lock control, ensure safety of the building
5. Intelligent control system with adjustable parameters
6.Advanced brushless motor with lower consumption,energy saving, high efficiency, great torque, low noise and long service life.
7. The door can be connected with remote control, password reader, card reader, microwave sensor, exit switch, fire alarm, etc.
8. Safety beam protects the guest from bumping the door, safe and reliable.
9. Optional backup battery can ensure the normal operation in case of power failure
10. Compatible with all safety devices
11. 24VDC 100W brushless motor, the motor transmission is simple and stable. Adopt worm and gear decelerator, super silence, no abrasion.
12. Adustable opening angle(90º-120º)

Technical specifications of veze automatic swing door operator (SW100)

Door style Single-leaf
Open  angle 90 degree, max.120 degree
Door  width Max.1200mm
Door leaf weight Max.100kg
Opening  time 3~9s(adjustable)
Closing  time 3~9s(adjustable)
Hold open time 1-30s(adjustable)
Power  supply AC110V-AC220V   50Hz-60Hz
Brushless motor 24VDC 50W
Manual force Max. 30N
Operation  noise ≤ 55dB
Ambient temperature -20°C~60°C

Working procedures of automatic swing door opener(SW100):
Activated by the signals from external control device→unlock→open→buffer action&stop→hold open→close→buffer action&stop→lock
Picture of veze automaticswing door operator(SW100)
Veze Automatic Swing Door Operator with Pull Arm (SW100)
Veze Automatic Swing Door Operator with Pull Arm (SW100)
Veze Automatic Swing Door Operator with Pull Arm (SW100)
Veze Automatic Swing Door Operator with Pull Arm (SW100)

The comparison between automatic sliding door and automatic swing door:
At present, automatic sliding door has the highest utilization rate, it can be used for various entrances, but the whole system must be specially made as per actual need, and it has certain requirements and restrictions on the installation environment. Automatic swing door opens in the same way as what we use daily, and it can be installed on the basis of existing manually opened swing door, no need to make more changes to retrofit and upgrade itself, especially top-mounted swing door mechanism with the advantage of easy construction. So, it is convenient to install automatic swing door for either new construction project or renovation project. Due to the high requirements for manufacturing process and technical expertise, there are relatively fewer optional brands.

VEZE SW100 automatic swing door operator has passed CE and ISO. The swing door opener shall pass 2 million-cycle durability tests to make sure its excellent safety and reliablity.  And it has 2 year quality gurantee. During the warranty period, we’ll replace the problemed items with new ones for free.

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