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Wi-Fi network deployment of India Courts


Z-COM installs WiFi for the Supreme Court of India, achieving paperless operations and promoting the development of the judicial system


After installation Wi-Fi equipment with the assistance of Z-COM, the Supreme Court of India announced publicly attention-grabbing modernization measures—providing free WiFi. This initiative integrates paperless practices with advanced technological support, enhancing the efficiency of the court. Free WiFi facilities are now available in Courts 1-5 and will soon be activated in the lawyers’ chambers.


This not only modernizes the court but also becomes part of the electronic advocacy of the Supreme Court of India by providing free WiFi facilities to lawyers, litigants, media personnel, and other stakeholders visiting the Supreme Court. This move will facilitate the digital transformation of court processes, providing more convenient and efficient legal services for litigants. The widespread availability of free WiFi promotes the rapid dissemination and sharing of information, allowing lawyers to upload relevant reference materials and citations related to their cases quickly, access court-related information, legal documents, and other data. This aids in the swift handling of cases, improving court efficiency. It makes it easier for litigants to access legal assistance, promoting fairness and transparency in the judicial system.




  • Wireless LAN Controllers ( 1+1) for high redundancy
  • Wireless Access Points (Indoor and Outdoor)




Project requirements

  1. Web based portal for user to login/authentication for Wi-Fi Access
  2. Facility to Enable/Disable specific user/system from Wi-Fi Access
  3. Facility to restrict access based on URL, application, etc
  4. Integration with media facilities, supporting remote online meetings.
  5. 24*7 centralized monitoring of the Network Infrastructure on end to-end basis
  6. AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Accounting) to maintaining the user  records as required under the law/regulations




This project demonstrates the Indian government’s commitment to modernization and digital transformation, with Z-COM’s Indian distributor bringing a modern and efficient courtroom environment to the Supreme Court of India. This initiative not only enhances the government’s image but also fosters the development of society and the judicial system.


The Chief Justice emphasizes that this does not imply a complete departure from books and documents in the courtroom. Instead, by introducing more screens and upgraded video conferencing facilities, the aim is to create an immersive and engaging courtroom experience. This adaptation seeks to align the court with contemporary technological developments, transitioning to convenient digital methods to promote efficient communication and collaboration.



The plan is to gradually expand these upgrades to all courts, adjacent areas, lawyer libraries, and lounges. Providing users with convenient facilities aims to make the judicial system more modern and up-to-date.

News Article link is :https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/supreme-court-free-wifi-facility-modern-design-technology-enabled-set-up-101688374537800.html

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